What people are saying about me.

“Becky is a star. Very talented, hard working and, most importantly, an absolute pleasure to work with. She very quickly gets under the skin of every brand she writes and concepts for – she just seems to get it straight away. The only thing I don’t like about Becky is that she’s leaving CHI.”

Tony Durston, Creative Director, CHI and Partners

“Becky is a star. Is she a creative or is she a copywriter? The answer is that she is both. And to coin an old phrase, this combined skill set is as rare as rocking-horse shit. Conceptually Becky takes direction well, has a naturally lateral way of looking at things and can surprise with her originality of thought. As a copywriter, she has a raw talent more suited to a senior. If you were thinking about hiring Becky, then I suggest you do it. I can vouch for her 100%.”

Robbie Rae, Creative Director

“In a few years, Becky will be an enormously successful Creative Director with a dazzling portfolio and more awards than she can count. And I’ll be able to say I gave Becky her first job. Becky’s intelligence, passion for writing, infectious enthusiasm and genuine hunger for a career in advertising were obvious within minutes of meeting her. I knew she would make a great writer and I didn’t want her to go and work for someone else. I’m pleased to say she proved me right and is already well on her way to greatness.”

Barney Cockerell, Creative Director, CHI and Partners

“Becky is definitely a future star. Super talented and full of energy and enthusiasm. She clearly loves her job and is fantastic at it. If you ever have the opportunity to hire or work with Becky, do it. I regard her very highly and love her wonderful quirkiness too!”

Melody Michaud, Resource Planner, AKQA

“Becky was a real find for RAPP. I could see she had enormous talent the moment I started to work with her when she arrived as an intern. We snapped her up as a junior and she’s continued to dazzle me with her creativity, enthusiasm and way with words ever since. If she continues to develop at the current pace I fully expect her to be Queen-Empress of the advertising universe by the time she hits 30.”

Tristan Fitzgerald, Creative Director, JWT

“Becky was great. She understood briefs quickly. Was very creative in how she responded to the briefs, and our clients were very complimentary about her work.”

Richard Sharp, Owner, The Sharp Agency